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Quality products with amazing ingredients that treat your skin and you like a queen. – proudly made in singapore.

Lovier Skin puts effort into creating the best products you’ve always dreamt of. Packed with ingredients from the products you’ve been torn between, you can now get them all at once. Beginning one product at a time, we want to uncomplicate the skincare routine, by providing products perfect each step of the way. Take charge of your skin!

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Our Brand

Humbly beginning from a girl sitting at her laptop searching “how to get perfect skin”, Lovier Skin was started to solve that very question. Have you ever been torn between products, wanting one but not being able to let go of the other? Lovier Skin sets out to help you with that, by creating beauty products that encompass all. With research and careful formulation, we aim to bring honest products to you, that bring countless benefits – an all-in-one! The outcome is a convenient, sophisticated, and soon to be, your favourite skincare product line on your bathroom shelf.

Starting with our bomb serum, which contains amino acids, antioxidants, sodium hyaluronate, and many more ingredients, we will be coming up with the best products that take us months or years to perfect.

Our Goal

Lovier Skin aims to constantly improve, and constantly be launching new products just for you. Always keeping you satisfied with every new product. With our end goal of skincare customisation in mind, we put a lot of time and resources into research, finding the best ingredients for your needs

Made in Singapore

We are proud that since our factory is based in Singapore, we are able to provide you the best-ofthe-best local made skincare products you can find. Support local!

Our Bomb Milk Serum

Check out our bomb serum, boasting anti-oxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, just to name a few. It’s the first product we will ever launch, setting the stage for the numerous amazing products to come! What’s best, is that we listen to what you want, and do our best to create it just the way you need it.

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you’ll be surprised when you see your product launched here!